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Remember When – The Platters – The Platters


Click here to see our gallery and start creating your wedding platter On the day of the big event, simply display your wedding plate along with the pen and invite all your guests to write their special messages on your platter. Remember guests can sign remember When – The Platters – The Platters sides of your wedding platter. After the guests have signed your wedding gift platter, allow the ink to dry for 24 hours and simply bake it in your oven at home, after which the signatures will be permanently fixed.

Full instructions will be supplied with your hand painted wedding platter and all orders come delivered in a gift box which allow safe transportation of your platter to and from the wedding. Note: At present we can only ship to addresses in the UK. For international orders please contact us. The Deskstar is the name of a product line of computer hard disk drives. It was originally announced by IBM in October 1994. 180GXP HGST continued the product line after the acquisition, selling the Deskstar 120GXP and Deskstar 180GXP under the HGST brand for a short time and selling new models thereafter.

A list of Deskstar models, including all those manufactured by IBM and HGST while under Hitachi’s management. The nine current models in production at WD’s acquisition of HGST were continued to be offered. As part of WD, HGST added additional models to the Deskstar product line. In 2017 the Deskstar H31K 3. Despite failures being reported within the manufacturer warranty period of three years, Michael T. American user of IBM’s 75GXP hard drives, filed a class-action lawsuit against IBM on 16 October 2001 for defects in the product causing it to “crash”, with both of the drives he’d bought having failed within a short time. Ten heads crashed so severely that almost all the magnetic media was removed from the flying part of the disks’ surfaces revealing the transparent glass substrates.

One disk in the upper left has some magnetic material on a portion of the head flying region. The drives were known for an unusually high rate of head crashes, due to the magnetic coating soon beginning to loosen and sprinkle off from the platters, creating dust in the hard disk array and leading to crashes over large areas of the platters. A firmware update introduced wear levelling which avoids the heads dwelling too long over the same area thereby reducing the potential for head crashes. The same firmware update also fixed a possible data corruption due to a problem with S. After the filing of lawsuit, IBM unveiled the Deskstar 120GXP, and the Travelstar 60GH and 40GN on November 7, 2001. However, an IBM spokesperson replied that the rating was not new at the time.

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