08 Mar 2018 @ 9:19 PM 

Shake-A-Hand – Joey Heatherton – The Joey Heatherton Album


Backstage at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is no place for the shake-A-Hand – Joey Heatherton – The Joey Heatherton Album. In an hour’s time, they’ll hit the catwalk in a riot of chiffon, lace, ribbon and rhinestone-embellished knickers and bras. Yes, I was 18 when I started and I’m 32 now with two children , so my body is very different.

My metabolism has definitely slowed down, so I have to watch what I eat a lot more to maintain a certain weight. In previous years I wanted to be very toned and I got a little bit too intense about it. I felt great, but people said I worked out too much! So what’s your current secret to getting your body runway ready? It’s great for the body, wonderful for the mind and it gives you the best shape ever. Plus, it is a challenge, which I love. When I am travelling I’ll pack a skipping rope in my bag as you can skip anywhere.

My husband and I have bikes and like to cycle around Miami, where we live. What’s your diet like in the run-up to your runway appearance? For the three weeks before the show I really watch what I eat. How do you prepare your body for the show? It’s all about doing whatever makes you feel great. I exercise all year round, but I definitely kick it up a notch in the weeks before the show. I kick up the exercise a notch before the show.

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