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Step To The Future – Waheed – Who”s Afraid Of U?


Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. Step To The Future – Waheed – Who’s Afraid Of U? forces have struck back after the Taliban dug a 1,000ft tunnel to enable 500 of its militants to escape from an Afghan prison. The government was scrambling to recover from the massive security breach, saying that 65 escapees had already been recaptured after the brazen jail break on Sunday night. Officials in Kandahar said Afghan and international forces are working together to find the missing convicts and re-arrest them.

It said the troops have already caught 65 and killed two who tried to resist arrest. Authorities have stored biometric data on each prisoner which will help to identify them. However the escape is already proving to be a huge blow to the already weakened provincial government. Adding to the feelings of insecurity, the prison break came less than two weeks after the Kandahar police chief was killed by a suicide bomber inside his heavily defended office compound.

How can we trust or rely on a government that can’t protect the police chief inside the police headquarters and can’t keep prisoners in the prison? Islamullah Agha Bashir, who sells washing machines in Kandahar city. Last night while we were eating dinner I told my two sons not to go out as much because I am afraid that now when the morale of the Taliban is high, they will attack more. Starting at a house outside the prison walls, the escape tunnel made its way right into the cell blocks at the high-security jail in Kandahar. Once it was completed, the inmates who were in on the plan started ushering their fellow prisoners into the tunnel and out to freedom. Taliban said they had got all their men out, some of them senior commanders.

The tunnel, which took five months to build, was accessed through a hole cut into the concrete floor of one of the cells. One escapee told the BBC it had taken him about 30 minutes to crawl the length of the tunnel. Once outside, the inmates were ferried to safe houses in a fleet of trucks. There were four or five of us who knew that our friends were digging a tunnel from the outside,’ said Mohammad Abdullah, who had been locked up for two years after being captured with a stockpile of weapons.

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