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It”S An Everyday Thing To Roll


These Leggings Have Extremely It’S An Everyday Thing To Roll Patterns, Can You Spot Why? Here Are The 17 Funniest Tweets Of The Week! If you’re not on Twitter, you’re really missing out.

Today, I went to my fiancé’s mother’s funeral. His step-sister proudly announced that she’s pregnant with his baby and they are engaged. Here Are 13 FMLs About Your Favorite People On Earth Your Exes! Here Are The 11 Funniest Comments From This Week! We’ve read all your comments, and the funniest ones have made it in. Today, based on the significant time I spend at work, my phone is automatically labeling my work destination as my home destination and my home destination as my workplace.

Today, my girlfriend was giving me head during the horror flick we were watching. Little did I know, my girlfriend isn’t a big fan of horror films. Today, I was getting a bikini wax to prove to my husband that I could be sexy despite being five months pregnant. Today, I ran into my ex-boyfriend a few years after I slept with his boss and got him fired. He is now a multi-millionaire investor and won’t take me back.

Today, it was my 97-year-old grand mother’s funeral. During cremation, I was sobbing from sadness and was comforted by my family and relatives. Today, After having shit luck at dating for the past 6 months, my one ex that I still have feelings for calls me up. Today, I bumped into my old university roommate. I asked if he saw my resume back in the day. Today, I drove 2 hours to spend the night with a man who I have been seeing for a few weeks. We had sex for the first time.

Today, I secretly turned off the internet to see what my kids would do. The problem is that America’s so-called Smart People misread these victories. I am, of course, sarcastically referring to Democrats, the imbecilic Republican establishment, and the corrupt national media — all of whom deluded themselves into believing that Obama’s victory meant that the country had not just moved to the left, but to the far left. ESPN was so sure of this, it went from a rock n’ roll sports network to MSESPN. What no one wanted to acknowledge, though, is that almost immediately after Obama’s 2009 inauguration, voters began a major course correction. In February 2010, Republican Scott Brown’s U.

Smart People that Obama was an anomaly, not a trend. But because the so-called Smart People chose not to recognize this, chose to keep the velvet bubble in place, over the next eight years, the Democrat Party has been nearly wiped out at every level, local and national. Nevertheless, our sports and political media, which are now infested with hardcore, Obama-era leftists, have consciously refused to recognize reality. The reason for this goes beyond personal partisan denial. Progressive Express is in the minority.

Although the everyday American voters who have decimated the Democrat Party have, thankfully, not fallen for it, when you are talking about billions and billions of corporate dollars being spent on this propaganda, it is going to have an effect, and in many ways has. For example, despite total control over the federal government, the imbecilic Republican establishment have fallen for it, and, as a result, have done absolutely nothing to keep long-held promises or to advance Trump’s agenda. Which brings me to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who also fell for the propaganda and who is also dealing with a five-alarm disaster of his own making. In Goodell’s provincial world, in his deluded thinking, shaped by ESPN and CNN, he was fooled into believing America is enamored with identity politics and social justice. And so, although every other form of personal expression is banned by the NFL, Goodell actually believed it was a good idea to give the okay for spoiled millionaires to publicly express their hatred and contempt for America.

My wife is a perfect example. Since childhood, thanks to a tradition handed down by her father, the Green Bay Packers has been one of the great passions of her life — until this season. My wife’s lost passion is not a political statement or protest. Her passion died a natural death as she watched something she once loved betray her country. How does the NFL recover from that, from indifference, from those who have moved on? What a jackass, what a pathetic and delusional fool, a weakling, who allowed the media’s phony reality to drag him into deep water from which he can no longer escape. The saddest thing, though, is that no one — not Goodell, not the Republican establishment, will acknowledge their own demise as a cautionary tale, as a valuable lesson in never again falling for propaganda.

Rather than come to terms with the reality of an America that looks like this, they would prefer to see it all burn down. President Trump is doing such a stellar job erasing Barry’s failed legacy that this is no longer true. Comment count on this article reflects comments made on Breitbart. Caroline Glick: 5 Key Points About the U. John Wayne, reinforced the prevailing bourgeois culture. Too few Americans are qualified for the jobs available.

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