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Anything For Money – Toxic Reasons – Anything For Money


Entering art contests is a waste of damn time. The anything For Money – Toxic Reasons – Anything For Money ones who win are the organizers.

Too many artists are wasting their precious time, money, and energy by entering art contests for a blue ribbon or an unlikely cash prize award, when what they really want is just to sell their art. Art contest organizers make money by banking on your insecurities and desperate need for validation. If you really believed in the art that you are trying to sell you wouldn’t participate in this nonsense. We all want to be loved, seen, and heard but this is not the way. Entering art contests for money is not an option when your real goal is to sell your art for a profit. If what you really want is to sell your art, then steer clear of art contests. These enterprises charge hefty sums of money and you get little to nothing in return, and yet you pay for that privilege.

So you get a blue ribbon? How does that help you sell your art? No one cares about your blue ribbon but you. Art contests use language and positioning to imply a false sense of prestige. Art collectors are moved to buy your art, and the value you offer above and beyond it, or they’re not.

Art contests harden the scarcity and permission based mindset which is the biggest self-limiting obstacle to an artist’s success. Competing with other artists fuels toxic and petty jealousy. If you’re going to compete, compete for your collector’s attention and discretionary budget. I’ve never had a collector who was trying to decide between my art or another artist’s art. They’re trying to decide if they’ll going to indulge in purchasing the luxury retail product that I’m offering or another non-art luxury retail product or experience. Who are these self-appointed art judges anyway?

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