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Echoes Of Life


The official site of the first of its kind Book “Echoes Of Norwood”. With “Echoes” we have the parallel story of a General Motors Corporation assembly facility and the historical conditions that dominated the auto assembly industry and its operations. Echoes Of Life book that goes inside a General Motors Corporation automotive assembly plant-all the way to the factory floor. 1970 all division employee pocket knife.

Image Below: Chevrolet Pontiac Canada Group protective force arm patch. N100001 was revealed for the first time to Norwood retirees on July 14 2014. It arrived in a glass trailer! This portion of the site provides visitors a virtual museum environment and will be expanded-as the collector car community continues a dedicated effort to gather worker and management recollections, stories, documentation,  photographs and artifacts.

This ongoing effort will pay lasting tribute to previous Fisher Body, Chevrolet, GMAD and CPC assembly  operations  at the Norwood Ohio facility. Images Above:  The GM Parts Warehousewhen it was sited at Norwood assembly in 1964 and as it exists today in its current location in West Chester Ohio. Echoes of Norwood” is featured on Hemmings Motor News Radio! The Norwood Assembly Plant legacy lives on. 2 is a direct operational descendant .

Fisher Body Gate Lock,  Driver’s Badge, Parking card, and Identification Badge. All of the Vehicles produced by  the former General Motors Corporation at its long expunged Norwood, Ohio factory are all existing trademarks of the new General Motors Company-and while the Company is on record as being supportive of this work and its research – any and all historical marks as used here are used for identification, descriptive or illustrative purposes only. This site is not affiliated with General Motors Company. Sergei Skripal, who was granted refuge in Britain eight years ago after a spy swap between the United States and Russia, is thought to have been exposed to the powerful synthetic drug, Fentanyl, and is in hospital with a woman in her 30s.

Former KGB agent Litvinenko was poisoned after radioactive polonium 210 was slipped into his tea pot in 2006, a killing which a judge said was probably approved by President Vladimir Putin. Alexander Litvinenko died after two agents slipped radioactive polonium 210 into his tea pot at a Mayfair hotel in central London. An inquiry found two Russian men – Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitri Kovtun – had deliberately poisoned Litvinenko by putting polonium-210 into his drink at a London hotel, leading to an agonising death. It said the use of the radioactive substance – which could only have come from a nuclear reactor – was a ‘strong indicator’ of state involvement and that the two men had probably been acting under the direction of the FSB. Possible motives included Litvinenko’s work for British intelligence agencies, his criticism of the FSB, and his association with other Russian dissidents, while it said there was also a ‘personal dimension’ to the antagonism between him and Putin. International arrest warrants issued for Mr Lugovoi and Mr Kovtun remain in force although Russia continues to refuse their extradition. The Millennium Hotel, Grovsvenor Square, London, where Litvinenko is though to have been poisoned.

In a statement to mark the 10th anniversary of his death, Marina Litvinenko said her husband – who she called Sasha – had been an ‘extraordinary man’ whose courage in speaking out against the Russian security service, the FSB, had left an enduring legacy. While she acknowledged Mr Putin had refused to accept the inquiry’s findings, she said it remained open for other world leaders to take action against the Russian state and that she hoped her struggle to find the truth had not been in vain. It has taken 10 long years for the truth to be established and for Sasha’s dying words that President Putin was responsible for his death to be proved to be true,’ she said. I know that Mr Putin’s Russia does not accept the findings of the British public inquiry and will continue to deny the truth in the face of overwhelming evidence. But those findings are now part of history and the rest of the world understands the difference between truth and propaganda.

And that is what matters to me. What action world leaders will take against the ever vengeful Russian state in these dramatic times remains to be seen. I hope and pray that my struggle has not been in vain. Last year the scandal took a new twist when Scotland Yard detectives who investigated the Litvinenko case revealed they too had been poisoned by the Russians in an extraordinary attempt to thwart the inquiry. I remember one evening my officer was complaining of stomach cramp and not being very well.

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