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Looking Back – John Holt – One Thousand Volts Of Holt


What Can Be Done With Scalar Technology? Trying Looking Back – John Holt – One Thousand Volts Of Holt To Get Up Into Space. They are also called gravitic waves because they belong to the gravitational field. 3D physical reality and into hyperspace where the fine indiscernible scalar waves exist.

They can also be manipulated into various types of modes and frequencies. Tesla started up laboratories on Long Island and in Colorado Springs and learned how to harness scalar waves from one transmitter to another without using any wires. It was discovered during experiments that Tesla did to duplicate what the German Heinrich Hertz had done in 1887, proving the existence of electromagnetic waves. Tesla experimented with violently abrupt direct current electrical discharges and discovered scalar energy, a new force, in the process. He was also sued for non payment of a loan from his lawyer and his financial troubles never abated. Russians and Germans asked him to work for them, but he turned them down. Particle beam weapons can shoot a laser one thousand miles into space.

But the Germans had also invented beam weapons and used them during WW2. 4″ thick armor at a range of two miles using low aimed, low frequency sound waves. The Nazi scientists also built the Russians scalar transmitters and particle beam weapons. Tesla used his scalar waves to create earthquakes and vibrate target buildings to pieces, even those nearby the target. Sheets of manmade lightning would arc out of the circuit to earth grounding points or from the spherical aerial system.

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