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Verhoef Gangway Systems Safe and reliable under all circumstances Verhoef Access Technology has designed and manufactured more than 850 shore-based access systems for Oil and Gas terminals to nearly 70 countries all over the world. Moreover, Verhoef produces portable gangways, bulwarkladders, cabin stairs and mobile maintenance platforms for aircrafts, and mobile passenger bridge systems. Gangway Tower The Verhoef Gangway Tower has a telescopic gangway that vertically moves along the tower by means of a lift platform. Gangway Column The column has a turnable platform at a fixed freefall which can be reached by access stairs mounted to the side of the main structure.

Riding Ladder The Riding Ladder Systems vary in their design from a simple hand powered up to a fully hydraulic or electric powered design. Normally, the riding ladder system has a gangway with a fixed length. We have standard types in our range, you can find their specifications in the scheme below. Both types are entirely made of seawaterresistant aluminium alloy and alodised as extra protection against corrosion. Cabin stairs and mobile maintenance platforms In airplane maintenance, safe access is of vital importance. As maintenance personnel has to position their access equipment around the airplane, access stairs and mobile maintenance platforms should be lightweight, easy to operate and maintenance free.

Mobile Passenger Bridge Systems For safe access to cruise vessels, Verhoef designs, builds and installs passenger bridge systems. The Lifetime Extension Programme starts with a thorough inspection by one of our inspection engineers. Please forward this error screen to 149. Living organisms are composed of organic compounds. In life they secrete or excrete organic materials into their environment, shed body parts such as leaves and roots and after the organism dies, its body is broken down by bacterial and fungal action.

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