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No Regrets – Rage


It was poetic, but in a dark and frightening way. Kaboni Savage was trying to explain to an inmate in the cell adjacent to his no Regrets – Rage he felt about the drug case pending against him and the cooperating witnesses who were lining up to testify for the prosecution.

Almost drown myself every night man. Tears of rage cause these sons-of-bitches gonna pay, man! I know you get tired of me saying it, man, but that’s the kind of conviction I got for this shit, man. I’m dedicated to their death, man. Savage was awaiting trial on drug charges that would eventually result in his conviction and a 30-year prison sentence. FBI and played at his 2005 drug trial.

Now they’re being reprised, played for another jury that could determine whether Savage lives or dies. 300 conversations that have been or will be played for the jury in Savage’s racketeering-murder trial in U. Most came from a listening device hidden in his prison cell. In its 11th week, the trial of Savage, 38, and three co-defendants has offered the jury a gritty, uncensored look at life in the Philadelphia drug underworld. Six victims were killed in a rowhouse firebombing allegedly ordered by Savage in Ocrtober 2004, several months after his tears of rage rant. The victims, two women and four children, were relatives of one of the witnesses against him. Defense attorneys for Savage, who faces a possible death sentence if convicted, have tried to put a damper on some of the more vitriolic declarations of their client.

In a motion filed last week they were able to block the introduction of two tapes and a portion of a third, arguing that the government was engaging in overkill. William Purpura, one of Savage’s two court-appointed lawyers. Purpura and his co-counsel, Christian Hoey, argued that the excessive use of tapes that focused on the same topics should be barred because of the cumulative impact they could have on the jury. They also argued that the overuse was potentially prejudicial.

Savage’s intent, motive and consciousness of guilt. Most of the tapes have been introduced with FBI Agent Kevin Lewis on the witness stand. Lewis and Philadelphia Police Detective Thomas Zielinski have spent the better part of the last decade building the cases against Savage. Lewis has been on and off the witness stand several times during the trial. He was back this week as more tapes were played. Savage has threatened to kill both investigators, according to transcripts of several tapes cited by the prosecution. Savage said in a conversation recorded on Dec.

He gonna die a miserable death and I hope I’m there. I hope I’m the cause of that mother fucker. I’m gonna set him on fire. That’s what I wanna do to a nigga. I wanna set a nigga on fire alive.

Watch him jump around like James fuckin’ Brown. Attorney David Troyer flashed pictures of the firebombing victims on large television screens for the jury to see during his opening statement back in February. Coleman, a former drug-dealing associate of the Savage organization, choked back tears as photos of his mother, his infant, 15-month old son, two nephews, a niece and a cousin appeared on the large television screens set up at either end of the jury box. It is just one of dozens in which, prosecutors contend, Savage’s cavalier cruelty is exhibited. In September 2004 he was heard talking about the daughter of another cooperating witness. On another tape, Savage again spoke of killing the children of cooperators.

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