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A-Raf or simply A-Raf is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the ARAF gene. It seems to share many of the properties of the other isoforms, but its biological functions are araf as thoroughly researched.

All three Raf proteins are involved in the MAPK signaling pathway. There are several ways A-Raf is different from the other Raf kinases. A-Raf is the only steroid hormone-regulated Raf isoform. This could be responsible for its low basal activity. Like Raf-1 and B-Raf, A-Raf activates MEK proteins which causes the activation of ERK and ultimately leads to cell cycle progression and cell proliferation. All three Raf proteins are located in the cytosol in their inactive state when bound to 14-3-3. In the presence of active Ras, they translocate to the plasma membrane.

PKM2 is an isozyme of pyruvate kinase that is responsible for the Warburg effect in cancer cells. A-Raf upregulates the activity of PKM2 by promoting a conformational change in PKM2. This causes PKM2 to transition from its low-activity dimeric form to a highly active tetrameric form. In addition, researchers have proposed a model of how A-Raf is linked to endocytosis.

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